Protect your tech and gadgets

Tech and gadgets are a big part of everyday life, protect them the right way with UIA gadget cover.

UIA has partnered with Tinhat to offer insurance for mobile phones, tablets and other gadgets. UIA gadget insurance is arranged by Tinhat, a trading name of Bastion Insurance Services Ltd.

Product highlights

The gadget must have been purchased in the UK as new, or if refurbished, purchased with a full 12-month warranty, and you must be able to provide evidence of ownership. The gadget must be less than 12 months old when you buy your insurance from us.

  • Theft, accidental damage and breakdown
  • Loss (optional for mobile phones and tablets only)s
  • Liquid damage
  • Unauthorised calls (up to £10,000)
  • Unlimited claims and unlimited worldwide cover
  • £150 accessories cover
  • Loss of data or software
  • You deliberately damaging, intentionally leaving or neglecting the gadget, servicing, inspection, maintenance or cleaning; or any cosmetic damage
  • We will not cover any breakdown for laptops.
  • Any claim for fraudulent call use if your claim is not accepted or itemised bill detailing the charges is not provided.

What you'll need to make a claim

Policy number

This can be found in the policy schedule that we sent to you when you purchased your policy.

Evidence of ownership

Send in evidence of ownership for the device. Your policy schedule can also be used to prove this.

Device details

For example, make, model and IMEI number. Your IMEI will be listed on your policy schedule.

Loss or theft blacklist

Within 24 hours of loss or theft discovery contact your network provider and blacklist your handset.

Circumstances of your claim

You’ll have to fully explain the circumstances in which your phone got lost, stolen or damaged.

Loss or theft reference

Within 48 hours of loss or theft call the police on 101 and obtain a crime reference number.

Learn More

Find out more about our gadget insurance by downloading our documents here.

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